Commissioner Scott Bollinger

Procurement Management

Steven Berg, Director

Information for Agencies

Following are answers to common questions handled by our staff. State agency personnel should read the Purchasing Procedures Manual that can be found on our intranet site. This manual contains information that will answer many of the questions agencies may have regarding the procurement process.

Please feel free to contact us if you have other questions that are not answered here or in the Purchasing Procedures Manual.

What do I need to send to Procurement Management for an Emergency requisition?

  • Emergency Letter stating the nature of the emergency and signed by the head of the respective department, bureau, board, commission, institution or constitutional office.
  • Three written quotes from vendors, attached to the requisition.

    Be sure vendors include shipping and handling in the quoted price.

    Make sure low vendor is on line with GEAC (DBS/MSA). If not on line, you must have vendor fill out a W9 form and give completed form to Bureau of Finance and Management. Please note on requisition that vendor is being put on line.

  • Requisition with full description of item to be purchased, and on-line with GEAC (DBS/MSA)

What is a "sole source" purchase what is needed to have it approved?

A "sole source purchase" is a product or commodity that is manufactured and sold from the same location and does not have any other distributors.  The item is only available from one source.

In order for a sole source purchase to be made, the following must be submitted to Procurement:

  • A "sole source" letter of request stating what the requester has done to ensure that the product/commodity is truly sole source, including a description of the the process used to select the requested product/commodity;
  • A written price quote from the vendor which includes all costs, including shipping and handling; and
  • A requisition containing all pertinent information including vendor number and price to include shipping.

When is moratorium approval required on Computer purchases?

Moratorium approval is required on all computer purchases that are not on contract. Also, moratorium approval may be required on contract purchases. This statement "Moratorium Approval is Required" will appear in the contract if moratorium approval is required.

Moratorium questions need to be addressed to BIT/Standards.

What NIGP Code do I use when ordering computer items on ESM?

You can use either of the following NIGP Codes for ordering computering items on ESM: 204, 206, 207, 208 or 209.