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In South Dakota, we have 35 Legislative Districts. The House of Representatives is composed of two representatives from each district, so this chamber accommodates 70 representatives. The Constitution provides for not fewer than 50 nor more than 75 members. Representatives have a term of office of two years and are elected in November of even-numbered years.
House of Representatives The Speaker of the House presides over this Chamber. This individual is selected by the members of the House of Representatives. The Speaker, in most cases, ends up being from the majority party in the House.
Victorian Stained Glass Looking at the ceiling you'll notice the Victorian leaded stained glass.
Painting entitled "The Peace that passes the understanding."

At the front of the room, ceiling level, is located another canvas art painting. This is the largest painting in the Capitol. The painting is entitled, "The Peace That Passes Understanding," by Charles Holloway.

Roll Top Desk in the House The rolltop desks in the House are constructed of oak wood; in 1910, oak wood would have been less expensive than mahogany.

This Chamber is larger in size than the Senate. Instead of marble columns we have columns made of plaster, but with all the art work they have been decorated with they appear to be very elaborate also. Televised programs from the Capitol usually take place from this Chamber as there is more seating on the third floor and more chairs in the Gallery Area. When the Governor delivers his Address to the State of South Dakota it is delivered from the front center podium, which at other times is where the Speaker of the House presides.

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