There are 18 lunettes in the niches of the second floor corridor in which artist William Peaco painted South Dakota Scenes from Photographs.  William Peaco was a known muralist of the day whose works you might find in other municipal buildings across the Midwest.


Underneath each lunette you'll find the title of the scene depicted in the corridors of the Capitol.






"Threshing Scene"



"Breaking the soil"


"Prairie Schooner"




"Corn Field"


"Placer Mining"


"Famous School House"


"View Near Rapid City"


"Buffalo Hunt"


"Black Hills"


"Indian Camp"


"Sheep Raising"


"Rapid Creek"


"Old Log House"


"Wagon Train"


"Scene on the James River"



Now that you know about the history of the Capitol,
the Art contained in it, and some of the issues that
have sparked debate in it's hallways, you're ready to
Begin your on-line walking tour.



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