The Senate Chamber accommodates one person from each of the 35 legislative districts. The Constitution provides for not fewer than 25 nor more than 35 members. Senators are elected in November of even-numbered years and serve two years. The Lieutenant Governor presides over the Senate. This individual is chosen by the Governor and is elected with the Governor.
Senate Chambers  

The Senate Chamber appears to be decorated a little more lavishly than the House of Representatives. At the time when the decorating budgets were handed out, both chambers were given the same dollar amount. Since there were twice as many legislators in the House as the Senate, the Representatives had to spend their budget prudently. As a result of extra available money, the Senate Chamber has:


Lower wall area
Lower wall area all around third floor is marble
Roll Top Desks
Rolltop desks are constructed of cherry wood which has been stained a dark mahogany
Picture entitled, "The Louisiana Purchase,"
A canvas painting at top ceiling level entitled, "The Louisiana Purchase," by Charles Holloway
Scagolia Marble Columns Scagliola Marble Columns
Victorian stained glass,
Ceiling with Victorian stained glass, cathedral in shape, which repeats the shape of the room

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