South Dakota State Supreme Court
(second floor, east wing)


Glass Display Cases
These glass display cases located in the inside hallway before entering the Supreme Court contain memorabilia relating to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is a court of appeals. It is locked except during a guided tour.
Looking into the South Dakota State Supreme Court
If court is not in session, one can look through the glass window of the door and peek into the room
painting entitled "Law of Mercy," by Charles Holloway
The Supreme Court Room is the second room that went through complete restoration.  At the front of the room is a canvas art painting entitled "Law of Mercy," by Charles Holloway.
Chairs for the Supremem Court
The five chairs behind the bench at the front of the room are where the Supreme Court Justices are seated when court is in session. The center chair, larger than the other four chairs, is where the Chief Justice sits, whose responsibility is to preside over the hearings.
View of most of front of Courtroom

Front view of Courtroom

There are side tables and chairs in the middle area of the room are where the attorneys are seated.

Center Table
The center table in front of the mahogany railing closest to the Justices has a podium on it. This is where the Appellant lawyer (the lawyer requesting the Court to hear this case) and the Appellee lawyer (the lawyer from the previous court hearing) stand to present their 20 minutes of information to the panel of Justices
There is a back table by the railing in front of the pew area where the law clerks for the five Justices sit. Each clerk sits exactly across from the Justice for whom he clerks.
The pews, made of antique mahogany, are where interested citizens can sit to listen to the court proceedings.

The draperies and carpet are copies of the originals in a similar fabric and color.
Also, the design on the doorknob is like most door knobs in the Capitol in that the design is the State Seal of South Dakota. This is another good example of the attention paid to detail by the designers of the Capitol Building.

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