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The contracts listed on this webpage have been established directly for state agencies. Local government agencies may adopt these contracts if the contracted vendor agrees to offer the same terms and conditions to the local government agency. Any purchase made by a local government agency is an independent agreement/contract that is solely between them and the vendor. The Office of Procurement Management is not responsible for purchases made by local government agencies therefore the Office of Procurement Management will not lend assistance regarding issues between the vendor and the local government agency.



State contract information is accessible in PDF, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel file formats. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Please note both the effective and expiration dates. Purchases may not be made from expired contracts. Files will be updated at least weekly. Should you have any questions or comments about the index or accessing files, please feel free to contact Dawn Dalton at 773-3405.


If you have any questions relating to specific State contracts, please contact the buyer listed on the contract or the Procurement Office front desk at 773-3405.



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Telephone Based Interpreter Services NASPO ValuePoint Price Agreement 3/4/2015 3/4/2018 Extended 2/21/2017
Telephone Equipment and Supplies Notice of Awards 9/1/2017 8/31/2018 Revised 1/11/2018
Temporary Employment Services NASPO ValuePoint Price Agreement 2/1/2017 2/1/2022  
Tires and Tubes NASPO ValuePoint Price Agreements 5/1/2012 3/31/2019  

B-F Participating Addendum

Bridgestone/Firestone Contract/Service Pricing

Bridgestone/Firestone Dealers List


Goodyear Participating Addendum

Goodyear Contract/Service Pricing

Goodyear Dealers List


Michelin Partipating Addendum

Michelin Contract/Service Pricing

Michelin Dealers List




Revised 8/1/2016
Traffic Control Devices Notice of Awards 9/4/2014 8/31/2018 Extended 07/12/2017
Transcription Services NASPO ValuePoint 5/22/17 5/21/2019  
Trout and Salmon Food Notice of Awards 1/9/2018 12/31/2018  


Uniforms Notice of Awards 12/1/2017 11/30/2018  
USD Distance Course Listing Catalogs Notice of Awards 1/1/2018 12/31/2018  
USD Magazines Notice of Awards 11/1/2017 10/31/2018  
USDA Commodity Warehouse Storage Notice of Awards 12/1/2016 11/30/2018 Extended 8/31/2017


Vehicles Notice of Awards 10/01/2017 2018 Model Year  
Vehicle Lifts and Garage Associated Equipment NASPO ValuePoint Price Agreements 2/10/2017 2/09/2019  
Vehicle Rentals (NASPO ValuePoint) NASPO ValuePoint Price Agreements 10/20/2009 10/19/2019  


Wildlife Panels Notice of Awards 05/17/2017 03/31/2018  
Wireless Communication & Equipment (Cellular Phones) NASPO ValuePoint Price Agreements 3/15/2012 06/30/2019  
Wood Lath and Stakes Notice of Awards 6/01/2017 05/31/2018