NASPO/WSCA Cooperative Price Agreements for Systems Office Furniture









NASPO/WSCA cooperative purchasing agreements are not the same as State Contracts. Purchases from this agreement may only be

made as outlined in the specific Participating Addendum entered into by the Office of Procurement Management and the supplier.


The State of South Dakota has signed Participating Addendums (PA) with Allsteel Inc. and The HON Company. The WSCA contract covers system furniture and accessories; seating; desk/tables; filing, metal storage, and wooden case-goods; design services, and; installation services. Also the Office of Procurement Management has State term contracts with aforementioned manufactures as well; each manufacture’s authorize dealers will determine on a case by case basis which contract is most advantageous for the requesting agency based on their requirements.  


Please contact Heather Pelle, (605) 773-2162 or email for any questions you may have regarding the State furniture contracts.

Contract Name/Supplier Vendor Website Price/Discount List Master Price Agreement Participating Addendum
The HON Company


See Vendor Website
Allsteel Inc


See Vendor Website

See Vendor Website
Discount List








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