South Dakota Property Management

Lennis Axdahl, Manager

We place strong emphasis on reutilization of surplus property to state agencies, local governments, qualified non-profit organizations, and the public sector.



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Services we provide:


      • Sale of surplus property to authorized entities and the public
      • Sale of U.S., South Dakota, and POW/MIA flags to state agencies and the public
      • Distribution of South Dakota Codified Laws, Administrative Rules, and Legislative Manuals to state agencies and the public as requested
      • Support to state agencies with capital asset updates and retirements
      • Short and long-term warehouse storage rental for Capitol Complex state agency users  






Disposal of Surplus Property

SD Codified Law 5-24A

Surplus Computers

Please contact the BIT Parts Center at (605) 773-4381 to inquire about surplus computers.



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