Records Management

Dana Hoffer, Manager

Records Management provides services that relate to the creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, disposal and preservation of records. This office operates a records storage center, microfilming unit, and microfilm storage vault. It establishes records retention and destruction schedules and actively encourages adherence to those schedules.




Records Retention and Destruction Schedules


SDCL 1-27-13 and 1-27-14 require that each agency develop record retention and destruction schedules. Agencies, institutions, and regional offices can obtain assistance with records inventory, appraisal, and schedule drafting by writing or calling Records Management at (605) 773-3589.


Click here to download the Records Management Retention Schedule Change Request Form in Microsoft Word:



Following the preparation of an office's records retention and destruction schedule, the State Records Manager will serve as the agency's liaison with the State Records Destruction Board in obtaining authorization for proposed records retention and destruction. Additional information on this process can be found in ARSD 10:03:01.



State Agencies Records Retention Manuals:




Political Subdivisions Records Retention Manuals:




Records Storage in Pierre


The Bureau of Administration operates the State Records Center and Microfilm Storage Vault in Pierre for the economical and efficient storage of inactive records from all state agencies. Transfer of records to the center does not transfer control of the records from the agency to Records Management. Information from the records or the documents themselves will be available to the agency in keeping with the agency's own security and access policies.


Records Management will assist in preparing documents for storage, in arranging for pick up of documents from Pierre-based offices, in documenting the actual transfer, in providing a reference service for those records, and in scheduling and verifying destruction of the records.


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Microfilming offers the advantages of space savings, security, speed and convenience of retrieval, low-cost distribution, and reliable preservation. Records Management provides microfilming services. Records Management strongly encourages agencies to microfilm state records when microfilming is more cost effective than storing paper records.






Records Management personnel maintain up-to-date information on document imaging and microfilming processes and equipment. They will provide consultant services to agencies in determining how the agency's documents should be maintained and by what process this can be achieved.



Archival Preservation of Scanned Images


Records Management has an Archive Writer which can take an agency's scanned TIFF images and convert them to microfilm to provide long-term preservation of records in human readable form. This is much less costly than scanning and then microfilming records to meet standards, because the paper is only handled once and the Archive Writer can produce a roll of film in about two hours.






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