Capitol Complex Restoration & Beautification Commission


Policy on Monuments



To set standards and procedures for the approval of monuments to be placed in the Capitol complex. In so doing, the Commission is guided by all earlier formal action limiting the acceptance of artwork, plaques, and other accouterments in the Capitol building and on the Capitol campus. In particular, the Commission reaffirms its policy that, with the exception of the portraits of the governors and supreme court justices, all art in the Capitol should be original to the building or contribute significantly to the aesthetic and symbolic integrity of the building.


When considering monuments, plaques, and similar markers for the Capitol grounds, the Commission will be guided by the following principles:


  • The purpose of the monument must be compatible with the long-term historical perspective on South Dakota and representative of the interests of the people of South Dakota.
  • The monument must contribute to the overall aesthetic decorum of the Capitol complex.
  • The monument must meet the standards of long-term maintenance and public safety set by the Bureau of Administration.




Those wishing to propose the establishment of a monument, plaque, or other marker for the Capitol complex must:


  • Submit a written request for a preliminary meeting to the Capitol Beautification and Restoration Commission stating the purpose and nature of the proposed monument, including information on possible sites and sources of funding for the project.
  • If the Commission believes the proposal fits the above guidelines, the sponsors will be invited to make a formal presentation to the Commission. In preparing the presentation, the sponsors are expected to consult with the Bureau of Administration on physical aspects of the proposal such as site, materials, and safety.
  • The presentation should include the following:
      • A rendering of the proposed monument.
      • A schematic indicating possible sites.
      • A budget showing basic costs and sources of funding.
      • The proposed text for any inscriptions associated with the monument.


The Commission will accept the information submitted in the above presentation for study for a period of no less than one month prior to voting on the proposed monument.


The policies adopted by the Capitol Beautification and Restoration Commission control monument placements unless otherwise modified by the governor or by formal legislative action. This policy was adopted at the Capitol Complex Restoration and Beautification Commission meeting which was held May 25, 1995.