Bureau of Administration

The Bureau of Administration has established policies and procedures pertaining to the use of public buildings and Bureau of Administration employees.




  • ES-01  Stationery/Letterhead
  • ES-02  Flags at Half Staff
  • ES-03  Emergency Purchases
  • ES-04  Local Purchases
  • ES-05  State Auction Sales
  • ES-06  Debt Collection
  • ES-07  Workplace Safety and Liability Losses
  • ES-08  Vending Machines in State Offices
  • ES-09  Guidelines for the Office Environment
  • ES-10  Purchase of Environmentally Preferred Products
  • ES-11  Distribution of Political Campaign Materials Restricted

Capitol Complex

  • EC-01  Skateboarding, Rollerblading, and Similar Activities on State-Owned Property in Pierre, South Dakota
  • EC-02  State Mail Advertising
  • EC-03  State Capitol Parking/Snow Removal
  • EC-04  Indoor and Outdoor Signs in Capitol Complex Buildings
  • EC-05  Use of Personal & Convenience Electrical Devices in State Offices
  • EC-06  Use of Public Property and Office Buildings
  • EC-07  Wedding Ceremonies on Capitol Grounds
  • EC-08  Tobacco Free Environment Policy
  • EC-09  Policy on Use of the Governor’s Residence
  • EC-10  Parking in Bureau of Administration Controlled Parking Facilities
  • EC-11  Drone Policy


Internal Policies for Bureau of Administration Employees

  • I-01     Outside Employment and Gratuities
  • I-02     Friends and Family in the Workplace
  • I-03     Employment Background Investigation for Buildings and Grounds
  • I-04     Travel Policy
  • I-05     Inconvenience/Call-Back
  • I-06     Break Periods for Employees