Commissioner Scott Bollinger

Services for South Dakota Citizens

Public Records Contacts

Bureau of Administration Leah Svendsen 605-773-3688
Bureau of Finance & Management Colin Keeler 605-773-3411
Bureau of Information & Telecommunications Kristina Mechaley 605-773-4165
Bureau of Human Resources Aaron Arnold 605-773-3148
Department of Agriculture Email 605-773-5425
Department of Corrections Michael Winder 605-773-3478
Department of Education Lisa Rae 605-773-4709
Department of Environment & Natural Resources 605-773-5559
Department of Game, Fish & Parks Chris Petersen 605-773-3396
Department of Health Susan Sporrer 605-773-3923
Department of Human Services Laurie Bauer 605-773-5990
Department of Labor & Regulation Graham Oey 605-773-3085
Department of the Military Steve Harding 605-773-5341
Department of Public Safety Kristi Turman 605-773-3178
Department of Revenue Toni Richardson 605-773-5137
Department of Social Services Dan Todd 605-773-3305
Department of Tourism 605-773-3301
Department of Transportation 605-773-5105
Department of Veteran's Affairs Steve Harding 605-773-5341
Governor's Office of Economic Development Travis Dovre 605-773-4010
Office of the Governor 605-773-5105