Commissioner Scott Bollinger

Procurement Management

Steven Berg, Director

naspo valuepoint cooperative price agreements

NASPO ValuePoint cooperative purchasing agreements are not the same as State Contracts.  Purchases from this agreement may only be made as outlined in the specific Participating Addendum entered into by the Office of Procurement Management and the supplier.  

Public Safety Communication Equipment - Radios 2015-2020 - Phase One (NASPO ValuePoint/WA)

Click on Master Price Agreement link to see contract pricing. Click on the supplier name to go to their website (where available). The supplier's website may not include information on contract pricing.
Contract Name/Supplier Description Supporting Documents Participating Addendum
Avtec Dispatch Consoles NASPO ValuePoint PDF
Harris RFCD Portable Dual & Single Bands - Tier I-III, Mobile Dual & Single Bands - Tier I-III, Desktop Dual & Single Bands - Tier I-II NASPO ValuePoint PDF
Icom America Inc. Portable, Single-Band Tier II, Portable, Single-band Tier III, Mobile, Single-Band Tier II, Mobile, Single-Band Tier III, Desktop, Single-Band Tier II NASPO ValuePoint PDF
Telewave Base Station/Repeater Radio Antennas and RF Filtering Equipment NASPO ValuePoint PDF