The glass display cases in front of the marble staircase area are referred to as The First Lady Gown Collection. Each display case has a doll-like figure wearing a reproduction of the gown worn by the First Lady on the night of the Inauguration Ball when her husband or brother would have been installed as the next Governor of South Dakota.




(First Lady Gown Cabinet - Left Display Case)

(Close-up, Mrs. Frank Byrne Gown display)


Each display notes the years each Governor was in office, and include a family picture and other memorabilia. The photos in the bottom display cases are of the Locke Hotel which held the first Inauguration when the Capitol was completed in 1910.

(First Lady Gown Cabinet - Center Display Case, Left View)


(First Lady Gown Cabinet - Center Display Case, Middle view)

(First Lady Gown Cabinet - Center Display Case, Right View)




(First Lady Gown Cabinet - Right Display Case)



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