Second Floor
Rotunda Area




The word Rotunda means "under the dome." The distance from the Rotunda floor to the very top center black circle of the dome is 96 feet. It is another 65 feet to the top of the copper outer dome. A Greek-Roman architecture was used in constructing the Capitol. This style of architecture contains much symbolism, which is reflected in each level of the dome.


Under the Victorian leaded stained glass area there are 16 oval-like alcove openings. The painting in the center of each opening is of The Tree of Life.



Next there are rectangular openings circling the dome. The center flower is the Pasque flower which is South Dakota's State Flower. It is surrounded by Acantus leaves which symbolize wisdom.

The bottom ring of the dome, which from the Rotunda floor looks like bands of ribbon tied together, symbolizes the ring of eternity of government.





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