Commissioner Scott Bollinger

Office of the State Engineer

Stacy Langdeau, PE - State Engineer

Statements of Interest Responses

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Construction Manager at Risk
DSU Residence Village
Madison, South Dakota
OSE# R0418--03X

Beckenhauer Construction, Inc., Norfolk, NE          
Henry Carlson Construction LLC, Sioux Falls, SD            
Journey Construction, Sioux Falls, SD
McCownGordon Construction, Kansas City, MO       
Puetz Corporation, Mitchell, SD 

Short Listed:
Henry Carlson Construction LLC, Sioux Falls, SD 
Journey Construction, Sioux Falls, SD
Puetz Corporation, Mitchell, SD   

Building Commissioning Services
DSU Residence Village
Dakota State University
Madison South Dakota
OSE# R0418--03X

EAPC, Sioux Falls, SD  
Engineering Economics, Inc. Golden, CO
ICS Consulting, Inc. Sioux Falls, SD      
IMEG Corp., Des Moines, IA     
Karges-Faulconbridge, Inc., Fargo, ND
Martin Mechanical Design, Inc., Fargo, ND         
McKinstry Essention, LLC, Roseville, MN
Morrissey Engineering, Inc. Omaha, NE      
Questions & Solutions Engineering, Inc., Chaska, MN   SELECTED

Construction Management At Risk Services
State Veterans Cemetery
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
OSE# N1818--05X

Beckenhauer Construction Inc., Norfolk, NE
Henry Carlson Construction, LLC, Sioux Falls, SD
Journey Construction, Sioux Falls, SD    SELECTED

McFadden Northern Plains Biostress, Lab Exhaust Upgrades
South Dakota State University
Brookings, South Dakota
OSE# R0319--21X

Farris Engineering, Omaha, NE 
IMEG, Des Moines, IA  
KFI,  St. Paul, MN            
Malone Engineering, Brookings, SD        
MBN Engineering, Fargo, ND     
West Plains Engineering,  Sioux Falls, SD  SELECETED

CMR Services
Johnson Center Bathroom Remodel
Northern State University
Aberdeen, SD
OSE# R0118--08X

Kyburz-Carlson Construction, Aberdeen, SD
Quest Construction, Aberdeen, SD    SELECTED

Burgess/Norton Parking Lot 5 Expansion
University of South Dakota
Vermillion, SD
OSE #R0619--16X

Banner Associates, Inc., Vermillion, SD  SELECTED
Civil Design Inc., Brookings, SD
Clark Engineering, Sioux Falls, SD
KLJ Engineering, Sioux Falls, SD
MBN Engineering, Fargo, ND
McLaury Engineering, Inc., Elk Point, SD
Sayer Associate, Sioux Falls, SD
SPN & Associates, Mitchell, SD
Stockwell Engineers, Inc., Sioux Falls, SD

Campus Master Plan
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Rapid City, SD
OSE# R0719--04X

Architecture Incorporated, Rapid City, SD
Architecture International, Rapid City, SD
Co-op Architecture, Rapid City, SD   SELECTED
JLG Architects, Rapid City, SD
Smith Group, Ann Arbor, MI
TSP,  Rapid City, SD

Barnett CTR Remodel Racquetball Courts Into Offices (CMR)
Northern State University
Aberdeen, South Dakota
OSE# R0119--04X

Kyburz-Carlson Construction, Aberdeen, SD SELECTED
Quest Construction LLC, Aberdeen, SD

Livestock Plaza/Sheep Barn
South Dakota State Fair
Huron, South Dakota
OSE# M2319--10X

Ciavarella Design Architects, INC., Mitchell, SD
DesignArc Group, Brookings, SD
MSH Architects, Sioux Falls, SD
Puetz Corporation, Mitchell, SD
RSArchitects, Sioux Falls, SD
Stone Group Architects, Sioux Falls, SD