A list of stops on the tour:





Beginning of Tour
First Floor, Inside north back door
Legendary Blue Tiles
The First Lady Gown Collection
Portraits of Previous South Dakota Governors
Portraits of Previous State Supreme Court Judges
First Floor, Front of Marble Staircase
Second Floor (Rotunda Area)
Murals of Greek Goddesses
Flag Displays
Bronze Sculptures
Stained Glass Window Above Center Front Door
Rotunda Floor
Columns of the Rotunda
Governor's Reception Area (Second floor, west wing)
Second Floor Hallways (Corridor Paintings and Marble Water Fountains)
South Dakota State Supreme Court (second floor, east wing)
Third Floor
Grand Marble Stairway
Upside-down spindle on stairway
Flip File
House of Representatives
Ceiling - Victorian leaded stained glass
Canvas Art Painting - "The Peace That Passes Understanding
Rolltop Desks
Legislative Hallways
Scagolia Marble Columns
Lower Wall Area Around Third Floor
Rolltop Desks
Ceiling - Victorian stained glass
Canvas Art Painting - "The Louisiana Purchase"
Fourth Floor
Senate Gallery Area
House of Representatives Gallery Area
Capitol Grounds
Fighting Stallions Memorial
Eternal Flaming Fountain
Law Enforcement Officer Memorial
Capitol Lake
Governor's Residence
Hilger's Gulch Park and Governors Grove
World War II Memorial
Tour Conclusion (Suggestion Form)




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