Commissioner Scott Bollinger

Space Management

Kevin Fridley, Director


The major services listed below are available through the Space Management Office for all state Executive Branch agencies. The exception to this is the Board of Regents who handles their own space needs.

Space Acquisition and Lease Negotiation
The office is responsible for providing needed space for all state agencies through utilization of leased buildings. Responsibilities include: negotiating for leased space from the private sector for all state agencies; researching the market to determine current lease rates; determine site selection, space allocation and usage, and reviewing plans for construction and remodeling projects for inclusion in a lease agreement. Once a construction or remodeling plan is included in a lease, an agency representative is responsible for managing the construction/remodeling project with the property owner. For major projects, the agency may wish to utilize the services of the Office of the State Engineer.

Space Allocation and Approval
Space Management reviews agency needs and requirements for space and makes specific recommendations to the Commissioner of Administration concerning the amount and location of available space that will most efficiently satisfy the requesting agency’s needs.

Space Layout and Design
Space Management reviews agency requests and space layout plans to ensure compliance with State workplace standards and efficient work flow within the space available. Space Management works to ensure these plans consider office organization and are designed to make optimum use of space in either open or closed space concepts.