Commissioner Darin R. Seeley

Office of Fleet & Travel Management

David McFarland, Director

The Office of Fleet and Travel Management (FTM) is responsible for making vehicles available to state agencies, either on a permanent or short-term basis. FTM is also responsible for facilitating coordination of travel among state agencies via the computerized Journey System. Additionally, FTM personnel offer training and assistance to agencies which use the Equipment Management System (EMS). The Hotel/Motel Guide is another service provided by FTM.

Indirect supervision and technical support is provided to agency travel coordinators and agency fleet managers.

The State Fleet Manager develops a handbook of procedures to be used by state agencies to maintain continuity in the use and maintenance of state vehicles.

Introduction to Holman Fleet Management Program

The following services are offered:

Vehicle Assignment: Short-Term (Daily or Weekly)

Each state agency has access to the state's computerized Journey System. FTM is available to provide training and ongoing support on the Journey System. The system is designed to automatically assign pool vehicles on per-journey basis. By querying the system, travelers may be assigned to existing trips rather than being scheduled in another vehicle that would be going to the same destination.

If all pool vehicles are in use, the system will advise the travel coordinator that the travelers may use a personal vehicle and be reimbursement at the high mileage rate.

Motor Pools are located across South Dakota, including seven airport locations. Vehicles can be scheduled in any location by use of the Journey System.

Vehicle Assignment: Permanent/Summer Use

Agencies at times have specific needs that require the use of a permanently assigned vehicle. Vehicles may be assigned to an individual or to an office where several employees will be making use of the vehicle. Requests for vehicle assignments are evaluated using, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Supervisor needs to complete;
  • The availability of pool vehicles;
  • The agency's need for a vehicle;
  • If vehicles in current use by requesting agency are presently being fully utilized; and,
  • Priority of other requests.
An online REQUEST FOR PERMANENT VEHICLE ASSIGNMENT must be submitted to FTM. The following information is required to complete the form:
  • Supervisor needs to complete;
  • City where vehicle will be located;
  • Driver's name and mailing address;
  • Driver's office, fax, and home phone numbers; and
  • Driver's department name and MSA center number.

Assigned vehicles that need to be replaced may be requested by completing the VEHICLE ASSIGNMENT REPLACEMENT FORM online.

You can also fill out a DRIVER CHANGE FORM for vehicles currently assigned to your office.

Equipment Rates

FTM CHARGES A FIXED RATE PER MILE for each class of vehicle assigned on a short-time or permanent basis.

POV rates:

POV1- when a state vehicle is NOT available: .51/mile

POV2- when a state vehicle IS available: .28/mile

Special Needs Mileage (large vehicle-passenger or cargo van, pick up, or sports utility vehicle)- .68/mile 

Special Needs Mileage (regular vehicle-any other motor vehicle)- .51/mile

An individual with special needs is a person with a disability that makes that person unable temporarily or permantently to operate an unmodified state vehicle but allows the person to operate a personal motor vehicle that is equipped or modified to be operated in spite of the disability. 


Equipment Management System

FTM maintains a tracking system which is used to determine how much vehicles cost to operate, when normal maintenance is due, and when equipment should be replaced due to age or cost. Rental rates are determined from data that is contained on EMS. FTM provides technical support and training to agencies who would like to make use of EMS for pieces of equipment other than vehicles.

Flight Requests

DOT schedules flights for State employees on the State's planes. You may view CURRENTLY SCHEDULED FLIGHTS here.