Bid Tabulations

Office of State Engineer


OSE Bid Tabulations FAQ


  • Bid tabs are normally posted within 24 hours of the bid opening. It often takes time for the engineers to tabulate all of the bids, especially for larger projects with several bidders so please be patient. If you do not see your bid posted after 24 hours you can check on the status of them by calling (605) 773-3466. Make sure to have the OSE# on hand when you call.
  • Bids are opened and tabulated at the Office of the State Engineer, Joe Foss Building, 523 E. Capitol Avenue, Pierre, SD 57501.
  • Click on the OSE number to view the bid tab document. All times are in Central Standard time. All project locations are in South Dakota.


Bid Opening Date Project Description Project Location OSE#
3/21/18 Biostress DDC & Vav Repl. SDSU- Brookings, SD R0317--30X
3/22/18 Facility Improvement-Custer S. Park Custer State Park- Custer, SD G2115--01XUtilities
3/22/18 Improvements Water Main USD - Vermillion, SD R0618--13X
3/27/18 Bid Pkg.1 - Madison Cyber Lab DSU - Madison, SD R0417--02X
3/28/18 Burgess Hall Renovations USD-Vermillion, SD R0618--28X
3/28/18 Jerde Abatement NSU - Aberdeen, SD R0116--08X
3/28/18 Demo of Jerde Hall NSU - Aberdeen, SD R0116--08X
3/29/18 Bids Packages- Wilmot DOT DOT- Wilmot, SD T2217--07X
4/3/18 North Steam & Condensate Tunnel SDSU - Brookings, SD R0312--26XNTE
4/5/18 Asphalt Drainage Repair/Upgrade SDSP - Huron, SD M2318--03XSWMR
4/5/18 Replace Section Roof USD - Vermillion, SD R0618--04X
4/6/18 Replace Roof - Slagle Hall USD, Vermillion, SD R0618--05X
4/10/18 YCWC Fire Dampers HSC - Yankton, SD C1517--05XSWMR
4/10/18 ADA Door Replacement MDSP - Springfield, SD C1518--06XSWMR
4/10/18 Roof Replacement MDSP - Springfield, SD C1518--09XSWMR
4/11/18 Seating Life Safety Upgrades SDSF - Huron, SD M2318--11XSWMR
4/11/18 Window & Door Replacement SDDC - Redfield, SD H1118--08XSWMR
4/12/18 New Office Maintenance Shop DOT- Redfield, SD T2214--05X
4/18/18 Heating Plant Boiler Replacement NSU - Aberdeen, SD R0118--02X
4/19/18 Window Replacement SDSP - Sioux Falls, SD C1218--05XSWMR
4/19/18 Pavement Maintenance SDSP- Sioux Falls, SD C1217--06XSWMR