Commissioner Darin R. Seeley

Central Duplicating

Keith Albertson

, Manager

Mail Addressing or Set Labeling

The mail addressing or set labeling feature allows Central Duplicating to address your letters, cards and publications for the US Mail as they are being printed. You can create your document/publication or it can be created at Central Duplicating. Email the document file and the current address database to Central Duplicating at If you need your document personalized with a salutation, a salutation field must be included in your database. The documents/publications are then printed and either folded or stapled for mailing. They are delivered to Central Mail for mass inserting using a standard #10 window envelope and then mailed.

Since each printing job is an individual job and is unique to itself, we advise you to call ahead and make arrangements for the printing and mailing of your job.

Below is an example of the mail addressing (set labeling) feature. Click on the smaller version to see a full sized picture.

This is a 4 x 8-1/2 card.
It has the survey & tag number printed above the mailing address.
This fits a standard window envelope.