Property Management

Lennis Folk, Manager

Surplus Auctions

Sturgis State Surplus Auction

Sturgis: SD Department of Transportation Maintenance Shop, South Exit 32/11 Otter Road - Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Miscellaneous items selling at 9am mountain time; vehicles following the smaller items.
Conditions are as reported to our office. AS IS/NO WARRANTY. ALL SALES FINAL.
If a photo is available, it is linked to the equipment name.
Items are sold in the order listed below.
The state reserves the right to remove auction items up to and including sale day.

Item # Equip # Year/Make/Model Condition Miles/Hours VIN/SERIAL #
1 CL837 TRK 3/4 T 4X4 GAS W/ PKUP BDY HAIL DAMAGE 149,030 1FT7W2B65CEA33383 CL837A
2 CG053 2017 DODGE RAM 1500 XCAB PICKUP sometimes have to turn ignition switch over many times until it starts, has new battery 132,226 1C6RR7FT3HS649175 CG053A
3 PG310 15 FT ROTARY MOWER RUSTY   10536  
4 GFP01 2003 BH DUMP 82" X12 TRAILER frame broke near rear of trailer, lights do not work   4TGF1220031025075  
5 CH972 TRK 1/2 T 4X4 GAS W/ PKUP BDY HAIL DAMAGE 158,694 1D7RV1GP2AS257786  
6 ND052 COMPRESSOR 200 CFM Working Condition 1,930 004-98840KHH ND052A,br> ND052B
7 CF694 TRK 1/2 T 2X4 GAS W/ PKUP BDY HAIL DAMAGE & RUST ON BOX 112455 1GCEC19V05Z225894  
8 PG265 MOWER 3 SECTION PULL TYPE Center gearbox leaks.   1038810 PG265A
9 CG150 TRK 1/2 T 4X4 GAS W/ PKUP BDY     1C6RR7FT5JS332407  
10 JB003 BACKHOE FOR TRAC MT Hyd cylinders leak.   951064 JB003A
11 CH880 2008 CHEVROLET 1/2 TON 4X4 QCAB air bag light and low tire light are on, passenger door has a dent 135,096 2GCEK133981319909 CH880A
12 PG309 15 FT ROTARY MOWER     10535  
13 HJ131 TRLR TILT TOP TNDM AX     1TKC032331M125812 HJ131A
14 DOM01 RANGER MAYBE Differential removed, tipped over, no cab, frame could be bent from tip over, crack in hood, tires are worn      
15 SU014 ASPHALT PATCHING MACHINE Working Condition   60317 SU014A
16 PG308 15 FT ROTARY MOWER Center Gearbox Shaft Broken   10533 PG308A
17 DT176 DT176 2007 STERLING LT9500 W/ATTACHMENTS Engine has low oil pressure. 141,655 2FZHAZDE67AY15850 DT176A
18 CH099 TRK 1/2 T 4X4 GAS W/ PKUP BDY RUST ON BOX & HAIL DAMAGE 152982 1GCRKPE71DZ265480  
19 CL953 2015 DODGE RAM 2500 4X4 CC PICKUP hail damage 172049 3C6TR5CT0FG588449 CL953A
20 PG311 15 FT ROTARY MOWER RUSTY   10538  
21 DOT2 Miller Loader Sell with KG054   5046 DOT2A
21 KG054 TRAC 76 HP AND UP Sold with Loader SN 05046 3,690 ACM249560 DOT2A
22 CS179 TRK 1 T 4X4 GAS W/ PKUP BDY Accident damage on front and left side 37,365 3C63R3GJ5JG243049 CS179A
23 CH390 TRK 1/2 T 4X4 GAS W/ PKUP BDY Starts/Runs - Transmission Slips. Decals Removed 148,390 1GCVKNEC6GZ196743 CH390A
24 SU009 ASPHALT PATCHING MACHINE Needs Battery - Working Condition   05/15/2010 SU009A
25 CH923 TRK 1/2 T 4X4 GAS W/ PKUP BDY   191810 3GCEK13389G179537  
26 GFP04 2008 HILLSBORO 20 TILT TRAILER none   1TH5B5EKXA1025425  
27 DOT1 Great Bend Loader Sell with KG016   21-12652 DOT1A
27 KG016 TRAC 76 HP AND UP Hyd leaks at PTO. Sell with BG Loader SN 21-12652 2,905 JJA0109331 DOT1A
28 GFP02 TRAILER-TITAN DUMP BOX HEAVY DUTY has been sitting for several years   4TGF1220241032689