Commissioner Darin R. Seeley

Office of Fleet & Travel Management

David McFarland, Director

Lodging Establishments Offering State Rates


This list is maintained by the Fleet & Travel Office and is for reference only. Employees/Departments are responsible for making reservations. If you would like to list or remove a lodging establishment, or if you have comments, please contact Amy Boxley at 605-773-3162 or by email at

Employees must be traveling on State business. Fleet & Travel Management suggests verifying the state rate being charged at the time a reservation is made. Lodging Establishments are not required to honor state rates, known exceptions are listed. 

Per Diem Rate

ARSD 5:01:02:14 outlines the rates for In-state per diem rates.  In-State Lodging- $75.00 plus tax (year-round) 


POV rates:

POV1- when a state vehicle is NOT available: .51 per mile

POV2- when a state vehicle IS available: .28 per mile

Special Needs Mileage (large vehicle-passenger or cargo van, pick up, or sports utility vehicle): .68 per mile

Special Needs Mileage (regular vehicle-any other motor vehicle)- .51 per mile

An individual with special needs is a person with a disability that makes the person unable temporarily or permanently to operate an unmodified state vehilce but allows the person to operate a personal motor vehicle that is equipped or modified to be operated in spite of the disability. 



*Bed & Breakfast