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Office of the State Engineer

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Bid Tabulations

OSE Bid Tabulations FAQ
  • Bid tabs are normally posted within 24 hours of the bid opening. It often takes time for the engineers to tabulate all of the bids, especially for larger projects with several bidders so please be patient. If you do not see your bid posted after 24 hours you can check on the status of them by calling (605) 773-3466. Make sure to have the OSE# on hand when you call.
  • Bids are opened and tabulated at the Office of the State Engineer, Joe Foss Building, 523 E. Capitol Avenue, Pierre, SD 57501 unless stated in the advertisement.
  • Click on the OSE number to view the bid tab document.  All project locations are in South Dakota.
3/10/21 Training Academy Replace Window Units with Central AC SDSP - Sioux Falls, SD C1220--02XSWMR  
3/16/21 McKusick Technology Center Renovation USD - Vermillion, SD R0621--10X  
3/17/21 East Hall Renovations  Phase II DSU - Madison, SD R0419--01X  
3/18/21 Hill Chapel, Subfloor & Carpet Replacement SDSP - Sioux Falls, SD C1221--09XSWMR  
3/18/21 Richardson Hall Interior Ph 3 USD - Vermillion, SD R0621--13XPH3  
3/24/21 Vermillion Fleet & Travel Maintenance DOT - Vermillion, SD T2221--03XSWMR  
3/25/21 Training Academy Drainage & Pavement Improvements SDSP - Sioux Falls, SD C1221--12XSWMR  
3/30/21 Churchill-Haines Laboratories Renovation USD - Vermillion, SD R0620--22X  
3/31/21 Kneip Bldg. Window Replacement Capitol Complex - Pierre, SD ACC21--14XSWMR  
3/31/21 Becker Hansen Bldg. Window Replacement Capitol Complex - Pierre, SD ACC21--15XSWMR  
4/1/21 Kadoka Yard Replace Fuel System DOT - Kadoka, SD T2220--12X  
4/1/21 Gettysburg Yard Replace Fuel System DOT - Gettysburg, SD T2220--11X  
4/8/21 DEX: Dakota Events CompleX (Submitted) SDDA - Huron, SD M2321--09X  
4/8/21 Campus Wide Pavement Repair SVH - Hot Springs, SD N1821--01XSWMR  
4/9/21 SDSP Front Security Fence SDSP - Sioux Falls, SD C1221--15X  
4/15/21 Health Sciences Building USD - Vermillion, SD R0620--05X