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Procurement Management

Steven Berg, Director

naspo valuepoint cooperative price agreements

The State of South Dakota participates in the cooperative purchasing agreements listed on this page through it's membership in the National Association of State Purchasing Officials (NASPO ValuePoint).  These cooperative purchasing agreements were established through a competitive bidding process.

Entities eligible to make purchases from these price agreements include all agencies, institutions, officers, boards, commissions and public universities of the State of South Dakota, and all political subdivisions of the State, including counties, municipalities and public school corporations within the State of South Dakota. 

NASPO ValuePoint cooperative purchasing agreements are not the same as State Contracts.  Purchases from these agreements may only be made as outlined in the specific Participating Addendum entered into by the Office of Procurement Management and the supplier.  

Please contact the Office of Procurement Management if you have questions regarding these cooperative price agreements.

The NASPO ValuePoint cooperative purchasing agreements listed below may be accessed by clicking on this link

  • Audio Video Equipment and Supplies
  • Auto Parts
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED's)
  • Body Armor
  • Child Safety Seats
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Computer Equipment, Peripherals and Related Services
  • Construction Equipment
  • Data Communications (see Data Communications under state contract listing)
  • Electronic Monitoring Of Offenders
  • Fire Apparatus - Trucks
  • Floorcovering and Installation
  • Grounds Maintenance Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment and Supplies
  • Maintenance, Repair & Operating (MRO)
  • Mailroom Equipment
  • Park and Recreation Equipment
  • Police Radar/Lidar Speed Enforcement
  • Professional Grade Tools & Diagnostic Equipment
  • Public Safety Communication Equipment - Radios 2015-2020-Phase One
  • Public Safety Communication Equipment - Radios 2016-2021-Phase Two
  • Public Safety Vehicle Access & LED Light Bars, Sirens, Warning, & Accessories
  • Public Safety Video Systems
  • Small Package Delivery Services
  • Snowplow Cutting Edges
  • Software VAR
  • Systems Office Furniture
  • Telephone Based Interpreter Services
  • Temporary Employment Services
  • Tires, Tubes and Services
  • Transcription Services
  • Truck Rental Services
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) Services
  • Vehicle Lifts and Garage Associated Equipment
  • Vehicle Rentals
  • Wireless Telecommunications Services and Equipment (Cellular Phones)