Commissioner Scott Bollinger

Procurement Management

Steven Berg, Director

naspo valuepoint cooperative price agreements

NASPO/WSCA cooperative purchasing agreements are not the same as State Contracts. Purchases from these agreements may only be made as outlined in the specific Participating Addendum entered into by the Office of Procurement Management and the supplier.

LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR RENTAL VEHICLE: Contractor shall provide supplemental liability insurance with each vehicle rental transaction at no additional cost to Participant. This supplemental liability insurance shall extend third party liability protection to Participant and Traveler in a combined single limit amount per occurrence of not less than $1,000,000 per accident for bodily injury, death, or property damage to others arising out of the use or operation of the rental vehicle. .

State agency personnel using these vehicle rental contracts are not required to obtain certificates of self-insurance from the Office of Risk Management.

Nationwide Vehicle Rental

Contract Name/Supplier Description Supporting Documents Participating Addendum
Hertz Motor Vehicle Rentals NASPO ValuePoint PDF
Enterprise Motor Vehicle Rentals NASPO ValuePoint PDF