Commissioner Darin R. Seeley

Office of Risk Management

Craig Ambach, Director

Risk Contacts

Agency Name Phone
Ag, Enviro & Natural Resources Trish Kindt 605.773.3296
Attorney General Taylor Hyde 605.773.6312
Black Hills State University Kathy Johnson 605.642.6512
Board of Regents Heather Forney 605.773.3455
Corrections Brittni Skipper 605.773.3478
Criminal Investigation DCI Becky Hockett 605.773.2419
Dakota State University Stacy Krusemark 605.256.5127
Education Mary Stadick Smith 605.773.7228
Finance & Management Doreen Kayser 605.773.3411
Game, Fish, & Parks Chris Petersen 605.773.3396
GOED Travis Dovre 605.773.5310
Health Darcy McGuigan 605.773.4939
Highway Patrol Major Jason Ketterling 605.773.3105
Human Resources and Administration Leon Ellis 605.773.5879
Human Services Jenna Howell 605.773.5946
Human Services Center Sandra Barkley 605.668.3178
Information & Telecommunications (BIT) Scott Kromarek 605.773.6351
Labor & Regulation Jim Dornbusch 605.773.3084
Legislative Audit Tim Flannery 605.773.6442
Legislative Research Council Carol Huber 605.773.3251
May, Adam, Gerdes, & Thompson Rob Anderson 605.224.8803
Mike Durfee State Prison Alex Reyes 605.369.4433
Military Connie Hohn 605.773.4984
Northern State University Veronica Paulson 605.626.2518
Public Safety Arin Diedrich 605.773.2691
Public Utilities Cindy Kemnitz 605.773.5282
Retirement Dawn Smith 605.773.3731
Revenue Mary Fleming 605.773.4212
School and Public Lands Cara Jordan 605.773.3303
School for the Blind & Visually Impaired Jessica Vogel 605.626.7829
School for the Deaf Nancy McKenzie 605.275.7534
SDDC Redfield Shane Wright 605.472.4451
SD Science and Tech Authority Nancy Geary 605.722.4033
SD School of Mines & Technology Jerylin Roberts 605.394.6729
Secretary of State Jason Lutz 605.773.3537
Social Services Phillip Rose 605.773.4023
South Dakota State University Derek Peterson 605.688.4529
South Dakota University Center SF Jim Barkema 605.367.5289
Black Hills State University RC Kathy Johnson 605.642.6512
State Auditor Tammy Cone 605.773.4164
State Fair Peggy  Besch 605.353.7343
State Penitentiary Addyson Aguirre 605.367.5041
State Treasurer Josh Haeder 605.773.3378
State Veterans Home Tom Inman 605.745.5127
Transportation Carol Evans 605.773.5059
Unified Judicial System Beth Urban 605.773.4869
University of South Dakota Chris Phillips 605.658.3633
Womens Prison Aaron Miller 605.773.6636