Commissioner Darin R. Seeley


Office of Risk Management

Craig Ambach, Director

Frequently Found Issues

Chemicals over paper

Do not store chemicals over paper products. If the chemicals leak it could contaminate the paper.

Ensure all exposed wires are covered to prevent a shock hazard.

Just adding the words Flammable does not make a cabinet a flammable cabinet. Make sure you have an approved cabinet. These cabinets need to be free and clear on top and along the sides.

Fuel tanks or natural gas meters that are within 10 feet of a driving area needs to have protective bollards around them. These bollards must meet the NFPA crash standards.

Ensure every fire extinguisher has 36 inches of clearance around them for easy access. In the event of a fire you do not want to have to move items to get to an extinguisher. A fire will double in size every 17 seconds. 

Anything that heats or cools (microwaves, refrigerators, ice makers, coffee pots) need to be plugged directly into a wall outlet. Power strips were designed for low wattage equipment like computers. A heavy draw on them could start a fire.