Commissioner Scott Bollinger

Records Management

Dana Hoffer, Manager

State Agency Records Officers

Agency records officer designation

Duties of agency records officer

Records Officer helps coordinate records management activities within their respective agency and is the central contact for Records Management personnel.   

Agency Records Officer
Governor's Office Bailey Carlsen
Secretary of State Krista Rounds
Office of the Attorney General Dawn Kramme
Office of the State Auditor Jenna Latham
Office of the State Treasurer Jason Williams
School & Public Lands Ryan Brunner
Public Utilities Commission Cindy Kemnitz
Unified Judicial System Tara Hicks
Legislative Audit Martin Guindon
Legislative Research Council Jason Hancock
Bureau of Administration Rick Augusztin
Bureau of Finance & Management Colin Keeler
Bureau of Human Resources Rachel Edwards
Bureau of Information & Telecommunications Charleen Gill
Department of Agriculture Kyle Holt
Department of Corrections Candy Snyder
Department of Education Olivia Waggoner
Department of Environment & Natural Resources Darcy Keiser
Department of Game, Fish & Parks Chris Petersen
Governor's Office of Economic Development Travis Drove
Department of Health Kari Williams
Department of Human Services Vicki Boardman
Department of Labor & Regulation Jim Dornbusch
Department of Military Connie Hohn
Department of Public Safety Dawn Hill
Department of Revenue Roberta (Bobi) Adams
Department of Social Services Lana Blair
Department of Tourism Travis Drove
Department of Transportation Nikole Miller
Department of Tribal Relations Travis Drove
Department of Veterans Affiars Connie Hohn
Animal Industry Board Dustin Oedekoven
South Dakota Arts Council Travis Drove
South Dakota Developmental Center Erin Betten
South Dakota Housing Development Authority Joni Lingle
South Dakota Human Services Center Brenda Aman
South Dakota Investment Council Tammy Otten
South Dakota Lottery Roberta (Bobi) Adams
South Dakota Retirement Deb Bessert
South Dakota State Historical Society Chelle Somsen
State Brand Board Debbie Trapp
Board of Regents Julie Kueter
Black Hills State University Lorraine Talks
Dakota State University Amy Dockendorf
Nothern State University Veronica Paulson
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Kathryn Alley
South Dakota State University Janet Peterson
University of South Dakota Mindy Baylor
SD School for the Blind & Visually Impaired Marjorie Kaiser
SD School for the Deaf Marjorie Kaiser