Commissioner Scott Bollinger

Records Management

Dana Hoffer, Manager

Retention & Destruction Schedules

SDCL 1-27-13 and 1-27-14 require that each agency develop record retention and destruction schedules. Agencies, institutions, and regional offices can obtain assistance with records inventory, appraisal, and schedule drafting by writing, calling Records Management at 605-773-3589, or emailing BOA-RecMgt Front Desk.

An agency Records Officer may request a working copy of their records retention and destruction schedule(s) when retention schedule changes need to be made.  Contact Records Management for additional information regarding this process.

Download the Records Management Retention Schedule Change Request Form:

Following the preparation of an office's records retention and destruction schedule, the State Records Manager will serve as the agency's liaison with the State Records Destruction Board in obtaining authorization for proposed records retention and destruction. Additional information on this process can be found in ARSD 10:03:01.

State Agencies Records Retention Manuals
Political Subdivisions Records Retention Manuals