Commissioner Darin R. Seeley

Records Management

Dana Hoffer, Manager

Archive Writer & Document Scanning Service

Records Management uses an Archive Writer to provide microfilm services to state agencies and political subdivisions for long-term preservation of records.  The Archive Writer accepts single or multi-page scanned TIFF (black & white) images.  The following non-TIFF input file types: PDF-A, PDF, JPG, BMP, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint files can be converted to black and white TIFF G4 files using our Input Processor Software.  Record Management encourages agencies to consider microfilming to preserve long-term or permanent records.

Records Management also offers document scanning services for standard office documents to state agencies and political subdivisions.  Files need to be prepped prior to being sent to Records Management for scanning.  File output types include PDF, TIFF, or both with an output resolution of 200 or 300 dpi.  Contact Records Management for additional information or to schedule archive writer or scanning services.